Events Booking allow you to design, generate CERTIFICATES and send it to registrants of an event after the event is completed

Enable Certificate feature

Certifficates PDF is disabled by default. If you want to use this feature, please go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at Certificates Settings tab, set Activate Certificate Feature config option to Yes. You can also setup some other parameters of the certificate such as Page Format, Page Orientation, Background image....

Certificate Settings

Enable Certificate for each event

Certificates feature can be On/Off on individual event basis. If you enable Certificates in configuration, When you create/edit an event, you will see a tab caled Certificates Settings. Set Activate Certificate Feature parameter to Yes if you want Events Booking to generate Certificates for registrants of this event. You can also design Certificate Layout (if you don't design certificate layout for the event, the default certificate layout in Configuration will be used), select Background Image (if you don't select, the background in Configuration will be used), control background position...

Events Certificate Setting

How registrants can download certificate

  1. Certificates can only be downloaded after event end date, mean current date greater than event end date
  2. After event end date, registrants can login, access to Registration History menu item to see their registration history and download the certificate
  3. You can also edit the email message sent to registrants when they register for the event, add [DOWNLOAD_CERTIFICATE_LINK] tag. Then registrant can look at their email, click on the link to download the certificate if needed