Check-in Registrants using QRCode

Events Booking allows you to check-in registrants using your smartphone.

How it works

  1. When registrants register for an event, Events Booking will generate a QRCODE (which points to an unique URL in Events Booking to check-in that registrant). That QRCODE will be displayed on the thank you message and in the email sent to registrant after he completes the registration
  2. The registrant print that thank you message (or confirmation email) contains the QRCODE, bring it as the ticket to the event
  3. When you receive that ticket, you can use your smartphone (which has a QRCODE reader APP installed) to scan that QRCODE:
    • If the QRCODE is valid, the registrant will be successfully checked in (staus changed to checked in) and there will be a success message displayed so that you know that this ticket is valid
    • For individual registration, each QRCODE can be checkedin one time only
    • For group registration, each QRCODE can be checked in in X-times (X equals to number of registrants in the group).
    • If the QRCODE is invalid (invalid code or it was used for checked in before), the system will display a failed message and you know that the ticket is invalid.

How to setup and use this feature

  1. You insert [QRCODE] tag into Thank you message, or User Email Body message or invoice layout in Events Booking.
  2. Registrants can print one of the message above (depends on which one to use) and bring as a ticket to the event
  3. The person who has responsibility to check-in registrants will:
    • Login to the frontend of your site using a mobile device which can scan QR code (such as Iphone). We test it using Iphone and use this APP for scanning QR code. Feel free to use any QRCODE reader APP you like
    • The account which used to login must be a super admin account or an account which as Registrants Management in Events Booking
    • When registrants give him the ticket, he can use the QRCODE reader APP above to scan that QRCODE to check-in registrant

Check-in registrants manually

If you simply want to see manage who has checked in, who has not, you can simply access to backend of your site, filter the Registrants by Event and Checked in status

You can also check in registrants manually, just find that the registration record, change Checked-in to Yes/No