Waiting List Feature

Events Booking support Waiting List feature (at basic level). If you enable this feature, when your event is full (the number of registrants reach the Capacity of the event), users can still register for that event (no payment will be processe). They will be stored as a registrant with Waiting List status and if someone cancel the registration, he will be informed and can register to replace that person

Enable waiting List

If you want to use this feature, go to Events Booking -> Configuration, find the config option Activate waitinglist feature, set it to Yes. Then waiting list feature will be enabled for all events on your system

How to change a user from waiting list to registrants

As mentioned, someone can cancel their registration for the event. And in this case, users who are in waiting list should replace this event. There are few ways to handle it in Events Booking although it is not perfect:

  1. You can go to Events Booking -> Emails & Messages, look at Waiting List messages tab, setup the two messages Registrant waitinglist notification email subject and Registrant waitinglist notification email body, Then when someone register for the event, there will be an email sent to all users joined the waiting list, inform them about this cancellation. These users can then register for the event again (the fastest user will be accepted ;) )
  2. You can simply look at the waiting list (go to Events Booking -> Registrants, filter to get list of users in waiting list), select the person in the list, call them. If they still want to join the event, you can ask him to make payment and then change the status from Waiting List to Paid