Payment Plugins

When registrants register for your events, if the event is a paid event (price > 0), registrants will have to pay for the registration to complete the registration pricess.

In order to receiving online payment from your registrants, you will need to config Events Booking to use the payment plugins you want. When you install Events Booking, there are 5 payment plugins installed with it by default: Paypal (Paypal payment standard), (AIM), Eway, Worldpay and Offline Payment. Other payment plugins are paid plugins and you will need to purchase separately if you want to use it. Please see Events Booking payment plugins for list of extra payment plugins which you can purchase, each of this additional payment plugin will cost you 20.68$.

To access to Payment Plugins management page, there are 3 different ways:

  1. Access to Components => Events Booking => Payment Plugins
  2. Access to Events Booking Dashboard, then click on Payment Plugins icon.
  3. On any pages in Events Booking, access to Payment Plugins menu item

Payment Plugins Mamangement

Common Tasks

Uninstall un-used payment plugins

It is very likely that you won't use all of the 5 payment plugins come with Membership Pro out of the box, so you will need to unpublish the one you don't want to use. There are two ways to unpublish a payment plugin:

  1. Click on the green (published) icon in the Published column.
  2. Check on the checkbox next to the payment plugin, then press Unpublish button in the toolbar.

Change title of payment plugin

You might want to change the title of the payment plugin to make it easier to understand to your end users. For example, you might want to change the title from to Creditcard....

To change title of the payment plugin, please click on the payment plugin to edit, change the title to meet your need, then press Save button on the toolbar to apply the change.

If your site is a multilingual website and want the title of the payment plugin change depend on the language user uses in the frontend, you need to do some steps below:

  1. Use a language item for title of the payment plugin. For example, change the title to OS_PAYPAL instead of Paypal
  2. Go to Events Booking => Translation, press New Item button in the toolbar. Then enter a new language item for the payment method title. Press save
  3. Translate the new language item which you just created.

Using icons for payment methods

By default, Events Booking display title of payment methods on registration form. From version 2.12.0, you can choose to display payment method icons instead. Events Booking has many payment method icons come with it by default. In case you use a payment methods which doesn't have icon available, get the icon (maybe from the payment gateway website), upload to media/com_eventbooking/assets/images/paymentmethods folder to make it available for using. Below are list of icons available by default:

  1. os_paypal.png
  2. os_authnet.gif
  3. os_eway.gif
  4. os_stripe.png
  5. beanstream-logo.jpg
  6. os_braintree.jpg
  7. os_ccavenue.gif
  8. os_creditcard.gif
  9. os_eselect.gif
  10. os_express_checkout.png
  11. os_firstdatae4.png
  12. os_gocardless.png
  13. os_moip.gif
  14. os_offline.png
  15. os_pagseguro.gif
  16. os_payfast.png
  17. os_paymill.png
  18. os_paypal_pro.gif
  19. os_paypoint.png
  20. os_realex.jpg
  21. os_saferpay.png

To show the icon of payment method, please click on the payment plugin to edit, enter name of the payment icon file into Icon parameter (for example os_paypal.png, os_authnet.gif, os_offline.png...). In case the payment plugin you are using doesn't have Icon parameter yet, please look at components/com_eventbooking/payments folder, find the xml file of that payment plugin (for example, os_ideal.xml, add the icon parameter like below to the XML file, then you will see the parameter available

Make a payment plugin selected by default

When the registration form is being displayed, the first payment plugin will be selected by default. So if you want a payment plugin to be selected, you can change the ordering of the payment plugin so that it will be the first plugin on the list and it will be selected by default.

Install New Payment Plugin

Sometime, you will need to use a payment plugin which doesn't come with Membership Pro by default. In this case, you might have to purchase these payment plugins at (if it is available) or develop it yourself (or hire someone to develop it for you). Once you got the payment plugin, you will need to install it. Please follow the step below to install a payment plugin:

  1. Go to Events Booking -> Payment Plugins
  2. Scroll to bottom of the page.
  3. Click on Choose File button to browse for the payment plugin.
  4. Click on Install button to process the installation.

Install Payment Plugin

Configure Payment Plugins


On Payment Plugins management screen, click on os_paypal payment plugin to edit it. The following parameters need to be configured:

  1. Paypal Mode: Set to Test Mode if you are testing the system and set it to Live Mode when you go live. Please note that if you use Test Mode, you will need to register for a sandbox Paypal account (you could not use your real Paypal account in Test Mode)
  2. Paypal Email: Enter the Paypal Email associated with your Paypal account.
  3. Payment Processing Fee ($): If you want subscribers to pay for payment processing fee (a fixed fee amount), enter that fee into this parameter.
  4. Payment Processing Fee (%): If you want subscribers to pay for payment processing fee (a percent fee amount), enter that fee into this parameter. Paypal Payment Plugin Configuration

On Payment Plugins management screen, click on os_authnet payment plugin to edit it. The following parameters need to be configured:

  1. Mode: Set to Test Mode if you are testing the system and set it to Live Mode when you go live.
  2. API Login
  3. Transaction Key

Sometime, your might not work well in Test Mode. But it does works in Live Mode. In that case, if you want to test it in test mode, you can use the following account for testing purpose:

  1. API Login: 2Sht9m67PD
  2. Transaction Key: 35J2rq5d6LtJ2Yg6


If you use Eway payment plugin, you just need to get Customer ID from your Eway account, enter it into os_eway payment plugin parametter and start using this payment plugin.


If you are using Worldpay payment plugin, you will need to make some changes in the settings of your Worldpay account. The steps are:

  1. Login to merchant account at worldpay, edit the installation, in the Payment Response URL textbox, enter YOUR_SITE_URL/index.php?option=com_eventbooking&task=payment_confirm&payment_method=os_worldpay&notify=1, for example,
  2. Check on Payment Response enabled checkbox

Offline Payment

Offline payment plugin is a special payment plugin comes with the extension. It allows registrants to make payment for the registration later (not at the time they register for the event) by bank transfer, by cash...

When registrants choose offline payment for the registration, the system will mark the registration status as Pending. It will also display a message which guide registrants how to make payment.... This guide will also be sent to them via email

After receiving payment from registrants for the registration, admin will login to backend of the site, click on the subscription record, change the status from Pending to Paid (approve the registration)

If you use Offline Payment on your site, please go to Events Booking => Emails & Messages, find and change the following messages to meet your need (mostly guide users how to send payment to you):

  1. User email body (offline payment)
  2. Thank you message (offline payment)