Display Events

Create menu items to display events

Events Booking has different views (menu options) provide different ways to display events to end-users. You can create one or different menu items to link to these views so that users can click on the menu items to view your events. The steps are:

  1. Login to backend of your site
  2. Access to Menu -> Main Menu (or any menu you want to add menu items to)
  3. Press New button in the toolbar
  4. In the Menu Item Type, click on Select button. A popup window will be displayed, on that popup window, click on Event Booking, you will see different view which you can choose as you can see in the image below

Menu Options

To allow users to see and register for your events, you can use the following menu options:

  1. Calendar: Choose this option if you want to display all events in a Calendar. Users can then see the events in the calendar, navigate to any month/year he want to view events. Users can also view the events in a week (using Weekly view) or in a day (using Daily view). See this page for a sample calendar view.
  2. Categories list: Choose this option if you have different categories in your system and want users to be able to see these categories. When users on categories list page, they can click on a category to see all events (or sub-categories in case that category contains sub-categories) from that category. See this page for a sample Categories list page.
  3. Upcoming events: If you want to display upcoming events (events have event date greater than or equal to current date order by event date in ascending order) from one or all categories, you can choose this menu option. There are different layouts which can be used to display upcoming events:
    • Up-coming Events Timeline layout: See this page for a sample of timeline layout.
    • Up-coming Events Default Layout: See this page for a sample of default layout.
    • Up-coming Events Table Layout: See this page for a sample of default layout.
  4. Category Layout: If you want to display events from a specific category or all categories, you can choose this type of menu option. It is almost the same with upcoming events option except events will be displayed in the order controlled in Order Events By (default is Event Date) and Order direction (default is ASC - ascending) and past events can be displayed with this menu option, too. Below are the available menu options available which you can choose to display event from a category, please note that if just want to display events from a category, remember to choose that category in the menu parameter:
    • Category Timeline Layout
    • Category Calendar Layout
    • Category Default Layout
    • Category Table Layout
  5. Event Details: Choose this option if you want that when user click on the menu item, they will see the event details page of an event. If you use this menu option, please choose the event you want in the menu parameter.

Using Modules

Beside using menu items, you can also display events to end-users using the modules come with Events Booking. Users can click on an event from the module, see it details and then process registration.

Up-coming events module

This is the most common used module in Events Booking. It display up-coming events from the selected or all categories. There two layouts which you can use: Default layout and Improved (nice layout)

The up-coming events module has following parameters:

  1. Module Layout: Choose the layout which you want to use to display events in the module. It has two options: Default layout and Improved (nice layout)
  2. Categories IDs: If you leave this parameter empty, events from all categories will be displayed. If you want to display events from certain categories, just enter the IDs of the categories you want into this parameter, comma separated. For example, if you enter 2,5, events from categories with ID = 1 or ID = 5 will be displayed.
  3. Show Category: If you want to show categories of the event, set this parameter to Yes
  4. Show Location: Set to Yes if you want to show location of the event.
  5. Number Events: Enter number of events you want to display in the module, default value is 6 and 6 events will be displayed.
  6. Itemid: Enter ID of the default menu item will be used generate SEF link to the events in this module in case there is no menu item could be detected for the event. Something related to SEF router, leave it empty and the module will use default menu item

Mini calendar module

This module simply display dates in a certain month. Users can navigate to the month/year they want. If a certain day in the month have events, users can click on it to see these events and process the registration if they want.

Mini Calendar

Use EB Event Plugin

In some case, you will want to display information of a selected event in a Joomla article (see this page for a sample). Users can read the article, view the event information details within that article and press Register button to register for the event. If you want to use this option, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Extensons -> Plugins, find and publish the EB Event plugin.
  2. Edit the article you want to display event detail, enter {ebevent EVENT_ID} , for example {ebevent 1} into the position you want. After that, detail information of the event with ID = EVENT_ID (1 in this case) will be displayed in the article.