Display Registrants List

Events Booking allows you to config it to display registrants of an event in the front-end. To display registrants list to front-end users, you need to make few setup steps:

  1. Go to Events Booking -> Configuration, look at Themes tab, find the config option Show List Of Registrants, set it to Yes.
  2. By default, Events Booking only display the following information on registrants list page: First Name, Last Name, Number Registrants, Registration Date. If you want to display additional fields, you will need to tell the system what fields you want to be displayed on the page:
    • Go to Events Booking => Configuration, find the config option Registrant List custom fields Ids, enter Ids of the custom fields you want to be displayed and these custom fields will be displayed on registrants list of all events (for example, you can enter 15, 17 into the config option and the custom fields with ID = 15 and ID = 17 will be displayed - beside the default fields)
    • If you want each event to have different custom fields to display, you can edit the event, look at Advanced Settings tab, and enter IDs of custom fields you want to display for registrants list of that event into Custom Field IDs parameter.
  3. The final step is selecting what user groups can view this registrants list. It is controlled by Joomla core ACL, you can access to Events Booking => Configuration, click on Options button in the toolbar, select the user groups you want to view registrants list (for example Public group), set View Registrant List permission to Allowed.

After that, when users view an event, there will be a link called [View List] display next to number of registered users to allow them click on to view list registrants of that event.

Public Registrants List