Manage Registrants

Manage Registrants

Events Booking allow users who granted permission to be able manage registrants from frontend of your site. Sometime, you will need to use this feature because you don't want to give them access to backend of your site (which contains more sensitive information). Please follow the steps below to setup if you want to use this feature:

  1. The first step is selecting what user groups can manage registrants from frontend. It is handled by Joomla core ACL, you can access to Events Booking => Configuration , click on Options button in the toolbar, select the user groups you want to manage registrants (for example Editor group), set Front-end Registrants Management permission to Allowed.
  2. Create a menu item to link to Registrants management menu option of Events Booking.

After that, users from the the groups which you select in step #1 can login, access to the created menu item to manage registrants. He can view, update registration record, change the status of the registration record to Pending, Paid or Cancelled.

Export registrants

Events Booking also allows exporting registrants of an or all events in the frontend of your site to a csv:

  1. You can create a menu item to link to Export Registrants menu option to allow users who has Registrants Management permission (which is setup in section above) to click on to Export All Registrants
  2. When users who has Registrants Management permission or owner of the event (who create the event from frontend or backend) access to the event (in events list or event detail page), he will see an Export button to allow him to export all registrants of the event to a csv file.